About The Academy

The Academy of Distinguished Chemical Engineers, established in 2017, recognizes alumni and faculty of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering that have become leaders in their field. The award is considered the highest honor given by the department. As the Academy grows from its inaugural year, honorees will be selected annually by an appointed committee and will be invited to attend an induction ceremony and banquet with all returning Academy members.

These honored members are some of the brightest minds in chemical engineering. We invite you to learn about our inaugural class and to join us to celebrate their induction at our first-ever Academy Banquet and associated Alumni Weekend activities.

Academy of Distinguished Chemical Engineers Banquet

Friday, April 21
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Headliners Club
221 W 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 (map)
Ticketed event at $125/person, includes cocktail reception, 3-course meal and table wine service
Open to alumni, faculty, students and staff
Alumni RSVP | Faculty & EAC Member RSVP 

Academy Mission

To recognize leadership and technical contributions of Texas ChE alumni and peers that have helped transform economies, improve quality of life and benefitted society; and to support the department in preparing and empowering the next generation of world-class engineers to go out and change the world.

Core Values

Leadership— Lead by example to uphold the highest professional standards and act as role models to provide sound advice and guidance to peers in the field and chemical engineering students.

Excellence in Education—Continually strive to raise aspirations and expectations for higher education, and support the department in upholding John McKetta’s “Obligation to Students” to keep responsibilities to, and concern for, students at the forefront to best prepare graduates to make a positive impact in the world.

Discovery—To advocate life-long learning and support the department and university in the endeavor to advance society through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge.

Service—To champion and advance the mission of the University of Texas at Austin to transform lives for the benefit of society; and to employ loyalty, time, and intellectual and financial resources to ensure the continued growth and success of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering.

Academy Endowment

Established in 2016, The Academy of Distinguished Chemical Engineers Endowed Excellence Fund supports critical needs within the department, such as faculty recruiting, student fellowships, facility and equipment upgrades and safety gear. The endowment also provides operational funds for the Academy annually. Make your gift today to honor your induction or your family member’s induction into the Academy.