B.S.ChE Degree Requirements

Below are the degree requirements for a bachelor of science in chemical engineering.  Information outlined is provided by the Office of the Registrar, which every even numbered year publishes an updated official undergraduate course catalog.

Students may graduate under the course catalog covering any academic year in which he or she was enrolled in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Whichever catalog the student chooses, all degree requirements must be completed within six years of the end of the two-year period covered by that catalog.  Military leave is excluded from time allowed for completion of the degree.  Personal degree plans will depend on class availability, courses completed, and fulfillment of basic undergraduate required courses.



Degree Requirements

Catalog Years

UT Catalog Degree Descriptions 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
Suggested Arrangement of Courses 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12

Course Prerequisites 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12

Technical Option Areas 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
History and Government Requirements 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
4 Hr Chemistry Elective Requirements 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
3 Hr Math, BCH, CH, PHY, BIO Requirements 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirements 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12
Visual and Performing Arts Requirements 2016-18   2014-16    2012-14   2010-12