A Framework for Integrated Scheduling and Control using Discrete-Time Dynamic Process Models

by Touretzky, CR; Harjunkoski, I; Baldea, M

26TH EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING (ESCAPE), PT A; 2016; Book Series: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering; Volume: 38; Pages: 601-606; DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-444-63428-3.50105-3

We address the integration of production scheduling and process control using discrete-time, datadriven process models. Our work is based on the scale-bridging model (SBM) framework, with the SBM being a low-order representation of the closed-loop process dynamics over scheduling-relevant time scales. We use autoregressive with exogenous inputs (ARX) SBMs, and formulate the integrated scheduling and control problem using a novel hybrid representation of time, whereby the dynamic process model is presented in discrete time and the scheduling problem uses a continuous time formulation. We introduce a reverse integral criterion to determine transition times between products. A CSTR case study is used to demonstrate our framework.

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