Thermoplastic Elastomer-Enabled Smart Electrolyte for Thermoresponsive Self-Protection of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

by Shi, Y; Ha, H; Al-Sudani, A; Ellison, CJ; Yu, GH

Advanced Materials; SEP 28 2016; Volume: 28, Issue: 36, Pages: 7921-7928, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201602239

Thermoresponsive smart electrolytes based on Pluronic solution are developed for active control and thermal self-protection of electrochemical energy-storage devices. Mechanistic studies reveal that the highly effective and reversible self-protection behavior is attributed to the sol-gel transition of the Pluronic solution upon temperature change. The transition temperature and the degree of performance suppression can be tuned over a wide range.

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