Room Reservations

There are four rooms in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering available to reserve by department affiliated faculty, students, and staff. Rooms are available to reserve during normal business hours only (Weekdays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm). We do not accept after-hours or weekend reservations of departmental rooms.

Rooms Available:

Chair’s Conference Room (CPE 2.802F) Seats 24, with a projector and laptop connection
CPE 2.222 Seats 40, with a projector and laptop connection
Himmelblau Room (CPE 4.446) Seats 20, with a projector and laptop connection NOTE: The Himmelblau Room is no longer available for course office hours.
CPE 3.448 Seats 8

Please note: Rooms CPE 2.222, 4.446 and 3.448 are kept locked. You will need to check-out a key from the reception desk in CPE 2.802 to unlock these rooms.

We now have a mobile presentation cart for virtual meetings or presentations. A separate reservation must be made for the cart in addition to a meeting room.