AIChE Wins E-Week Competitions

AIChE Wins E-WeekLast week the American Institute of Chemical Engineer’s (AIChE) student chapter claimed first place in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s 2013 E-Week Competitions.

From February 15th to 24th, engineering student organizations competed in a variety of different events from an engineering pageant competition to dodgeball tournaments and scavenger hunts to earn points towards the coveted E-Week trophy. The annual event coincides with the National Engineers Week event that aims to promote engineering education throughout the United States. The E-Week events are put on and sponsored by the Student Engineering Council at The University of Texas at Austin.

This year AIChE took first place in the large organization category while Tau Beta Pi (TBP), an interdisciplinary engineering honor society, took first place among the smaller student organizations.

AIChE’s win marked the first time in ten years that a student organization other than the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) claimed the E-Week trophy.

“It makes me extremely proud to be a chemical engineer, which I have always been proud, but now I have real physical proof that chemical engineers are great,” AIChE Vice President External Brian O’Connor said.

For both O’Connor and AIChE senior representative Jeff Sankhagowit, the first place trophy represents family pride as well.

“It’s a big deal because both of our brothers were former AIChE presidents and neither of them even came close,” O’Connor said. “It’s a big deal.”

Students Janelle Jagnanan and Carlo Garcia were the E-Week Committee Chairs for AIChE this year. Their job was to spread the message about E-Week, help coordinate and run AIChE’s sponsored events, and to encourage member participation.

AIChE Student Chapter celebrates winning E-WeekEach organization hosts several events throughout the week and AIChE hosted both the dodgeball tournament and the “Chubby Bunny” marshmallow competition. In addition to points awarded during competitions, participation points were handed out based on the numbers participating in each organization. This year AIChE had an impressive number of people participate, a factor which contributed to AIChE’s winning point total.

“Before last year, just three people got involved,” Garcia said. “It was cool. It was the first time that AIChE was able to get everyone in the department together to participate.”

At the end of the week, AIChE clinched the victory with a second place finish in the Dr. Ramshorn pageant with chemical engineering representative Mark Goldman representing AIChE.

“It’s a a really big family,” Jagnanan said. “It’s a unique atmosphere for a department of engineering to be like that. We were all pumped!”

After their victory, the AIChE chapter celebrated with cake and championship “Ring-Pop” rings. Already they are looking forward to next year and a potential repeat victory.

“It feels amazing,” Sankhagowit said of winning. “Congratulations to the students of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering!”

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