The McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering is located in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (CPE) building. Our facilities include state-of-the-art research labs and wet labs, modernized undergraduate teaching labs, a machine shop to design and build a wide range of materials, a newly renovated student study lounge, student organization offices and meeting rooms, as well as undergraduate computer labs with industry-leading engineering software.

Quick Facts

  • Located in the heart of the engineering corridor on campus (at Dean Keeton St. and Speedway St.)
  • Opened in 1986; renovated in 2020-21 with crucial improvements to the building's infrastructure
  • 226,000 gross square feet

Building Highlights

  • Two state-of-the-art undergraduate teaching labs totaling 4000 square feet
  • More than 12 undergraduate experiment stations providing hands-on experience and teaching skills used across a variety of chemical engineering related industries, highlights include: 
    • Unit-operations Experiment Station with new process control equipment and a pilot-plant-sized distillation column
    • Fluidized Bed Experiment Station to reflect processes performed in the refinery industry
    • Pilot Plant Scale Distillation Column
    • Fluidized Bed
    • Super Sonic Gas Flow Experiment
    • Scalable Bio Reactor Experiment
    • Process Plant Simulator
    • Process Plant Simulator
  • Two undergraduate computer labs housing 50 computers, 5 printers and providing key collaborative space
  • A newly renovated McKetta Student Study Lounge with a free coffee bar
  • State of the art Gas Monitoring system to maintain a safe work environment in our research laboratories
  • Machine shop for students with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities:
    • CNC milling, plasma cutting, and waterjet capabilities
    • Manual mill and lathe
    • Welding
    • SLA 3-D printer
    • Electronics soldering work station
    • CAD modeling
  • Departmental classroom featuring lecture-capture technology.
  • State-of-the-art gas monitoring system tracking activity in our research labs to maintain a safe work environment
  • The CPE front lawn features a four-story tall "Clock Knot" sculpture, a recognized and celebrated landmark for the university