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Industry engagement is often linked with recruitment and our top-ranked program offers some of the best young chemical engineering talent in the world. Our goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners and offer ways for companies to maintain a consistent presence within the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering. This ensures we continue to help our graduates receive job offers and our industry partners have a steady pipeline of talented new hires.  

There are many ways companies can engage with the department and increase brand visibility among students to boost recruitment efforts. Below are some high-level examples, contact us to find out more and determine engagement opportunities that best suit your company’s goals. 

  • Give a guest lecture
  • Help us increase our student diversity, and our equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Sponsor a department event
  • Sponsor an experiment station in our undergraduate teaching labs
  • Partner with us to teach an industry-relevant course (for example, process safety)
  • Support department recruitment efforts to attract top students to our program
  • See sponsorship opportunities with our undergraduate AIChE Student Chapter, the undergraduate OXE Honor Society or our Graduate Leadership Council for engagement with graduate students
  • Support senior projects with fourth-year courses: Process Design and Operations (CHE 473K) and Process and Project Lab (CHE 264)
  • Fund a special project

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