The mission of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering is to provide a superior chemical engineering education grounded in the fundamentals of science and engineering. Through research, scholarship, leadership, and service, the Department and our graduates will develop the technological advances of the future that improve society and quality of life.

The McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering aspires to these values:

  • Joy in learning: Teaching the joy and value of learning
  • Excellence: Preeminence, creativity, and ethical practice in research, scholarship, and education for the public good, spanning from fundamental knowledge to practical innovation
  • Community: A supportive, inclusive, engaging, and empathetic community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni offering equitable learning and development opportunities
  • Safety: Advancement of safe practices in teaching and research
  • Responsibility: Independent, reflective thinking with a commitment to responsible and democratic shared governance
  • Collaboration: Interdisciplinary teamwork incorporating diverse perspectives

Graduates are expected to:

  1. secure leadership roles in careers with industry, academia, and/or government.

  2. serve at the forefront of chemical engineering by performing original and cutting-edge research.

  3. demonstrate exceptional scholarship and service in their communities and use their expertise to improve society through innovation.

  4. promote and instill an ethic for lifelong learning.