Staff Spotlight Award

For the Fall 2020 Staff Spotlight Award, we’re pleased to recognize those who’ve continued to work on campus to keep the department running smoothly during COVID19. Our front-line staff include: Jason Barborka, Valerie Croft, David Gray, Sara Lombard, Shallaco McDonald, and Randy Rife.

Randy and Jason demonstrated excellent service in transitioning faculty and staff to online teaching and working from home. They continue to provide on-site IT support to keep research labs active in addition to supporting remote IT needs.

Shallaco and David have been maintaining CPE and our machine shop. They’ve assisted with major HVAC renovations and worked in our teaching labs to upgrade numerous experiment stations. On top of that, they’ve taken on a daily disinfecting routine to help keep anyone entering CPE safe.

Sara and Valerie have continued to process important orders and payments along with keeping our shipping and receiving area open. Their dedication is crucial to the work flow of so many in our department.

Please join us in congratulating these valued staff members and thanking them for their service during an unprecedented time.

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