Benny Freeman, Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, and Director for the Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems (M-WET) wins the 2022 AIChE Separations Division Founder’s Award.

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Separations Division. The recipient must have a considerable record of service to the Separations Division and the separations area, performed above and beyond the expected duties, and participated extensively in a variety of division activities with documented evidence of sustained service over an extended period of time.

Professor Benny Freeman and researchers Dan Miller Zhengwang He and Sirirat Kasemset in the lab

His research group focuses on structure/property correlation development for desalination and gas separation membrane materials, such as new materials for water/ion separation, hydrogen separation, natural gas purification, and carbon capture. His group also studies reactive barrier packaging materials and new materials for improving fouling resistance and permeation performance of liquid separation membranes.