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Seminar: “Metabolic Engineering Strategies for Producing Oleochemicals in Bacteria” by Brian F Pfleger

Finding a sustainable alternative for today‚Äôs petrochemical industry is a major challenge facing chemical engineers and society at large. To be sustainable, routes for converting carbon dioxide and light into organic compounds for use as both fuels and chemical building blocks must be identified, understood, and engineered. Advances in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and other … Read the rest »

September 3 @ 9:30 amSeptember 3 @ 10:30 amNHB 1.720
Start: September 3 @ 9:30 am
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Seminar: “How can particles with a mass fraction of a few parts per billion have such huge health and climate effects?” by Neil Donahue

Particles concentrate molecules and allow them to have outsized effects once they are large enough to scatter light, activate clouds, and deliver toxicants to the lung. The story of their size and composition is however nuanced and complex.
September 10 @ 9:30 amSeptember 10 @ 10:30 amNHB 1.720
Start: September 10 @ 9:30 am
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Seminar: “Powering the Circular Economy for Fresh Produce: Engineering at Apeel Sciences” by Richard Pattison

Today, 40% of the food grown goes to waste. Apeel Sciences seeks the advice of billions of years of evolution on Earth to solve this problem. They have developed processes to extract, repurpose, and apply the compounds which plants have evolved to construct barriers that slow the rate of water loss and oxidation. When applied … Read the rest »

September 17 @ 9:30 amSeptember 17 @ 10:30 amNHB 1.720
Start: September 17 @ 9:30 am
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