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Class meets Tuesday/Thursday 200-330 in CPE 2.218
UT Energy Symposium -- Fall 2013
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2014 Fall Course Syllabus

2014 Fall Course Schedule

Energy Conversion Factors

Course Outcomes:

Goals:  To provide students with the knowledge of energy technology and policy, with a focus on the U.S.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills Students Should Have Entering This Course:

  1. Simple material/energy balances
  2. Energy unit conversion
  3. Ability to find energy information on the web
  4. Energy efficiency calculations
  5. Tradeoff of capital and operating costs

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills Students Should Gain From This Course:

  1. Ability to analyze technical aspects of various energy conversion systems
  2. Ability to analyze energy efficiency
  3. Ability to evaluate effects of government policy on energy prices and economics
  4. Develop approaches for literature searching and finding data on various energy indicators
  5. Ability to understand and verify energy claims made by the media