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Fall 2016 Registration Update

***Attention Prioritized Students***

If you are prioritized for a course this semester based on your 4 year graduation plan and are not yet registered for a required course, you must act as soon as possible to remedy your situation.

Please try to join all sections of the course that you need.  Even if the course is labelled as “waitlisted,” prioritized students may still be able to immediately join the section

If you remain on only one waitlist for a section that is already closed or one that contains many prioritized students also waiting, you are jeopardizing your ability to be registered for a course you need to meet your 4 year plan.


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Important Course Information

Fall 2016 – ChE 319 (14590) – Mullins – HW#1 Problems


New ChE electives being offered Fall 2016


ChE 379/384T: Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics, or “solar cells,” are devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity and address one of the most pressing societal challenges: environmentally sustainable energy generation and use. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of photovoltaic devices (PVs)—how they are made, how they work and how they are used. Students will learn about the underlying materials science of PVs, as well as economic and policy issues related to their implementation.

Will count in these technical option areas:
Area 1: Process Systems & Product Engineering
Area 2: Materials Engineering
Area 5: Energy Technologies



ChE 379/384T: From Data to Decisions: Measurement, Uncertainty, Analysis, and Modeling
Instructor: Chris Mack,
Class Website:
Pre-requisite: ChE 253M

Course Objective: Standard introductory treatments of data analysis and modeling include important basic ideas of regression and goodness of fit. However, several significant real-world issues are rarely addressed adequately in these introductory courses. This course will discuss many of the problems scientists and engineers routinely encounter when dealing with data and will provide rigorous methods for handling them: measurement uncertainty analysis, data outlier/flyer removal, impact of sampling on model quality, dealing with correlated inputs, and residual analysis. In the end, students should have the tools necessary to answer one of the foundational problems in science: given two competing scientific models (theories), does the data contain sufficient information to choose one over the other?

Will count in all technical option areas



Course number change
Beginning Fall 2016, ChE 319 will be the new course number replacing ChE 353 – Transport Phenomena. (updated: April 1, 2016)

M 427J
Beginning Fall 2015 M 427J will replace M 427K in the requirements for the BS degree in Chemical Engineering. There is significant overlap in course content in M 427J and M 340L and M 341. Therefore, neither M 340L nor M 341 (exclusion updated April 13, 2016) may be applied to the BS degree in Chemical Engineering if M 427J is taken.(updated: April 13, 2015)

M 427J is unique to UT and therefore cannot be taken at another institution. M 427J must be taken at UT. (updated: April 12, 2016)

Want to take ChE 333T, but not yet prioritized for the course?
You can take 333T in any Cockrell School department. For information about how to get a seat in another department’s 333T course click here. (Updated April 18, 2016)

Business Foundations Courses
Business Foundations Program (BFP), not currently listed on the approved technical option area course lists, or not previously approved by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, will not be approved to count toward the BS degree in Chemical Engineering. (effective October 15, 2012)



Non-major Waitlist – interested in taking a chemical engineering course?
Please complete this survey. (Updated April 18, 2016)


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The Registrar’s Office registration information page is a handy reference for all things related to registration including what to do before registering, registering for classes and then finishing registration.


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The McKetta Undergraduate Office is the main source for academic and professional development of McKetta undergraduate chemical engineering students. The office provides degree planning guidance with help from the McKetta Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and faculty advisors who advise students during early registration periods. The office provides resources for registration procedures, degree requirements, course prerequisites and policies and procedures.

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