McKetta CHE Undergraduate Advising Office

    • The McKetta CHE Undergraduate Advising Office in CPE 2.706, provides services that support the academic and professional development of McKetta undergraduate chemical engineering students. The office provides academic advising and degree planning assistance under the supervision of the McKetta Undergraduate Faculty Advisor. Advising is also provided by individual faculty advisors who meet with students during early registration periods.
    • The office provides academic advising and assistance with registration procedures, degree requirements, course prerequisites and policies and procedures.
    • McKetta CHE undergraduate peer advisors staff the front desk and provide valuable information and advice about the undergraduate experience


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday:  8:30 am – 11:30 pm and 1 – 4:30 pm


Weekly walk-in hours: 

  • Dr. Michael Baldea, McKetta Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, email for an appointment, CPE 4.466.
  • Dr. Kelly McQueary, McKetta Undergraduate Program Coordinator, tbd,  CPE 2.706.
  • Jonathan Pereira, McKetta Undergraduate Academic Advisor, tbd, CPE 2.706.
  • McKetta Undergraduate Peer Advisors, Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 11:15 and 1 – 4:15, CPE 2.706.

Need more time than a walk-in visit? Please make an appointment during faculty advising and early registration.

You can make an appointment


Registration for Spring 2020 resumes in January 2020

Check your RIS for more information

Helpful Registration Links

Questions about registration

View your registration bars and access times, and other information on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS)

The Course Schedule lists the courses that will be offered each semester – Summer 2019. Fall 2019. Spring 2020.

The Registrar’s Office registration information page is a handy reference for all things related to registration including what to do before registering, registering for classes and then finishing registration


CHE 333T requirement
You can take 333T in any Cockrell School department. Information about how to get a seat in another department’s 333T course is available here: Spring 2020


Non-major waitlist
Do you want to take a CHE course, but you’re not a CHE major? Please complete the non-major waitlist survey.


Computing Resources

Computing resources for McKetta CHE Undergraduate Students




Chemical Engineering Technical Electives Policy Revision

(Effective August 30, 2017; Applies to 2010-12; 2012-14; 2014-16; 2016-18 catalogs)

Updated: February 16, 2017




Course number change
Beginning Fall 2016, CHE 319 will be the new course number replacing CHE 353 – Transport Phenomena. (updated: April 1, 2016)

M 427J
Beginning Fall 2015 M 427J will replace M 427K in the requirements for the BS degree in Chemical Engineering. There is significant overlap in course content in M 427J and M 340L and M 341. Therefore, neither M 340L nor M 341 (exclusion updated April 13, 2015) may be applied to the BS degree in Chemical Engineering if M 427J is taken.(updated: April 13, 2015)

Business Foundations Courses
Business Foundations Program (BFP), not currently listed on the approved technical option area course lists, or not previously approved by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, will not be approved to count toward the BS degree in Chemical Engineering. (effective October 15, 2012)