Shruti Jain

Headshot of Shruti Jain Hometown: Delhi, India

Research Area: Nanomanufacturing of flexible electronic devices

Why I chose chemical engineering: Chemical Engineering is a very interdisciplinary field and has been at the forefront of developing technologies that change our way of living. This made chemical engineering a natural choice for me given my interests in applied engineering.

The lab I work in and my role: I work in the Bonnecaze lab.  My research in the NASCENT center is about modeling graphene peeling which is a part of the nanomanufacturing process for flexible devices. 

My plans after UT: I plan to join an industrial research lab for theoretical/computational research.

What I like to do in my spare time: I play badminton and enjoy learning different dance styles in my spare time.

Why I chose to do research at the University of Texas at Austin: UT ChE has many computational research groups with a wide variety of projects, which is why I chose UT Austin for my PhD.

My favorite thing about Austin: Austin has a lot of outdoor activities as well as events throughout the year and there is always something fun to do in free time or on weekends.