High tap density microparticles of selenium-doped germanium as a high efficiency, stable cycling lithium-ion battery anode material

by Kyle C. Klavetter, J. Pedro de Souza, Adam Hellera and C. Buddie Mullins

J. Mater. Chem. A, 2015,3, 5829-5834

Slurry cast electrodes with μm-sized Ge0.9Se0.1 particles cycle stably at [similar]800 mA h g−1 with [similar]99.9% efficiency for 900 1C-rate cycles while electrodes with μm-size pure Ge particles lose 1/3rd of their capacity after five C/5 cycles. The difference is attributed to an inactive glassy Li–Se–Ge phase forming in the Ge active material of the Ge0.9Se0.1 particle.

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