Faculty Research Presentations

Allen, David T.
Air Quality Research at The University of Texas
Alper, Hal
Cellular and Metabolic Engineering
Bonnecaze, Roger T.
Simulation, Theory and Experiments of Complex Fluids
Chelikowsky, James R.
Computational Materials at Texas
Contreras, Lydia M.
RNA Engineering
Edgar, Thomas F.
Process Modeling and Control
Ekerdt, John G.
Electronic Materials Chemistry and Surface Science
Ellison, Christopher J.
Nanostructured Polymeric Materials
Freeman, Benny D.
Transport of Small Molecules in Polymers: Overview of Research Activities
Ganesan, Venkat
Computer Simulations of Polymers For Materials and Energy Applications
Georgiou, George
Molecular Bioengineering & Protein Theraputics
Hwang, Gyeong S.
Computational Nanoengineering Laboratory
Johnston, Keith P.
Nanomaterials chem/Colloid Science/Interfaces/Polymers
Korgel, Brian A.
Nanostructured Materials
Maynard, Jennifer
Immune Engineering Laboratory
Mullins, Charles B.
Surface Science and Nanostructured Film Growth
Peppas, Nicholas A. Biomaterials and Controlled Drug Delivery
Reible, Danny
Fate and transport processes in contaminated sediments; Analysis of engineering management of risksĀ  associated with contaminated sediments
Rochelle, Gary T.
CO2 Capture from Flue Gas
Rossky, Peter
Molecular Dynamics in Liquids/Soft Materials
Sanchez, Isaac C.
Statistical Thermodynamics of Polymers
Schmidt, Christine E.
Neural Engineering: Regeneration & Electronic Interfaces
Truskett, Thomas M.
Statistical Mechanics of Biological and Complex Materials
Willson, Grant C.
Polymer Synthesis and Photochemical Processing