Senior Class Gift

Graphic button with a photo of the six chemical engineering students that started the Senior Class Gift that links to a webpage where you can donate to the cause

In 2013 six chemical engineering seniors came together to each pledge $5,000 over five years to establish the first-ever Senior Class Gift Endowment. Donations to the Senior Class Gift Endowment will be used to support undergraduate/graduate student Teaching Assistant positions designed to help undergraduates advance academically in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering. Once the endowment reaches a total of $500,000, 50% of the funds shall continue to be used to support TAs while the remaining 50% from then on will provide undergraduate research scholarships to undergraduate students at any level.

The hope is that each graduating class will contribute what they can to continue growing the fund for years to come. Alumni are also encouraged to give to the Senior Class Gift in honor of their class. Professor Emeritus and the department’s namesake John J. McKetta was so inspired by these students story that he made his own $5,000 gift to the cause.

“It has been thrilling to see the enthusiasm and leadership of these six students as they organize and join others in creating a legacy that will benefit future generations of chemical engineering students in our program,” said McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering Chair Thomas Truskett.

Join this effort, at any level, to help provide an excellent education and university experience for future ChE students. Class of 2014 graduates that pledge $1,000 or more by December 31, 2014 will be recognized as major contributors on a founders’ plaque that will be placed in the undergraduate office hallway. Until a permanent plaque is in place, contributors’ names will be temporarily showcased on a nearby bulletin board—we hope to see your name up there!

Give online through the UT giving site where all you have to do is enter your gift amount in the first box, everything else is pre-populated for you, and hit continue. If you have any questions, you can contact Michael Barasch at 512-471-0469.

*A series of smaller donations will also qualify for plaque recognition, for example pledging $200 a year for five years.