Can I get a master’s degree?

Yes, but you cannot apply to the master’s degree program. We only admit students for our doctoral program but occasionally, enrolled Ph.D. students will choose to fulfill the requirements for a master’s degree before or instead of obtaining a Ph.D.

Is the GRE required?

While we do accept the GRE, it is not required and not considered during the admissions process. Our admissions process is a holistic review of a student’s academic and research experience and potential. Choosing not to submit GRE scores does not negatively affect applicants.

How does advisor selection work?

Students are admitted to the graduate program, not to a specific advisor. Students have the opportunity to discuss their research interests with potential faculty advisors during the graduate program recruitment weekend in the spring, the summer peer-mentor program, orientation in mid-August and throughout the beginning of the fall semester until the end of September when students rank their faculty advisor preferences. The department finalizes the graduate student-advisor match during the first week of October.

I’m not a student in your department. Can I still TA for you?

Current students in our department complete two semesters of TAing as part of their degree requirements and typically there is not additional need for TAs from other departments.

Can I apply if I don’t have a master’s degree?

Most students entering our Ph.D. program do not have a master’s degree.